The 9 Best Touchscreen Pens For Laptop And Ipad!

These are the best touchscreen pens for laptop and iPad in different price range!

Micorsoft Surface Pen

  • Very precize
  • Feels like a real pen
  • Eraser at the end
  • Works only on Microsoft Devices

Apple Pencil (2nd Gen)

  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to use
  • Lots of functions
  • Works only on Apple Devices

Adonit Pro 4 Stylus

  • Works with any touchscreen device
  • Beautiful design
  • Feels like a ballpoint pen
  • Less precise than the expensive brands

Buying a touchscreen pen is not always easy. Nowadays we often work with laptops and iPads. These devices are nice to use, but sometimes we prefer pen and paper. To keep up with technology, pens have been developed with which you can write on your laptop screen or iPad. These pens are very useful for taking notes, editing files and for creating designs. You can also easily save your files, unlike pen and paper. Large companies have already developed pens that match their devices, such as the Apple Pencil for Apple products or the Microsoft Surface for Microsoft Products. We have to admit, these pens are very good, but the price is also very high. We have selected and listed the 9 best touchscreen pens, so you can see clearly which pen suits you.

What are Touchscreen Pens?

A touchscreen pen is a pen that is intended for devices with touchscreen. These pens are a bit finer and more precise to use, than your finger and are therefore often used for creating designs and editing PDF files. Besides that, the pen works more precisely than your finger, the pen also leaves no fingerprints. This may not matter if you work on an iPad, but fingerprints on your laptop screen can sometimes be very annoying. An example of a touchscreen pen is a stylus. With the stylus pen, one side functions as an actual pen and the other side as a touchscreen pen.

Without further ado, here are the 9 best touchscreen pens based on our own experience and reviews.

1. Microsoft Surface Pen

The Microsoft Surface pen is very good for the designers among us. The pen is very comfortable in the hand and feels like a real pen. At the end of the pen is a small piece of rubber, which erases the mistakes just like a real pencil. The pen is very precise, thanks to the 4096 pressure points that respond to the lightest touch. This pen is highly recommended for designers, because the pen can, just like a graphite pencil, bring a nice shadow to your drawing if you tilt the pen a bit. Unfortunately, the pen also has drawbacks. The pen only works on Microsoft’s Surface products and therefore does not work on, for example, an iPad.

2. Apple Pencil (2nd generation)

The Apple Pencil is one of the most beautiful minimalist pens in this list. Thanks to the magnetic side of the pen, it can easily be connected to your iPad. Apple always had a very high user-friendliness and they have passed that on to the pen. For example, it has a double-tap function, with which you can easily switch between writing and erasing and because of the tilt and pressure sensitivity you can determine how thin or thick you want your lines to be. The Pencil has a precision down to the pixel, which makes it a must for any perfectionist. A big advantage of this pen is that it also has palm rejection. A disadvantage is that the pen can only be used on Apple devices.

3. Adonit Pro 4

The Adonit Pro 4 has a fine nib, so you can make precise lines. It is made of lightweight aluminum with a copper twist cap, so that the pen lies nicely in the hand with a perfect grip. The Adonit is made in such a way that it feels and works like a normal ballpoint pen, partly because the pen has an even weight distribution. We are a big fan of the beautiful design of the pen. The pen is very stylish and with its nicely processed pen clip it looks very modern. The pen is available in silver, black and gold. Besides that, it has a nice design, and it has another big advantage. It can be used on almost all touchscreen devices and the price is not too bad.

4. Ailun Stylus Pen​

For the price of this pen you get a lot of features. The pen is very easy to use. You don’t have to connect with Bluetooth or something like that, just turn on the pen and you can get started right away. The pen lasts 15 hours with a full battery and automatically switches off after 120 minutes of non-use. When the pen is empty, it is full again after 2 hours of charging. You can rest your hands on the screen with this pen, because the Ailun, like all expensive pens, also has palm rejection. With the 1.7 mm nib, the pen writes very smoothly and you can work very precisely. The pen comes with 3 replaceable tips. The pen is very similar to the Apple Pencil and is specially designed to work with Apple products. Just like the Apple Pencil, it can be magnetically connected to many iPads, unfortunately the pen will not charge, it requires a separate charger, which is included.

5. Active Stylus pen​

This stylus pen has a 1.5mm copper tip which provides more sensitive and accurate work performance. The copper tip makes using this pen feel just like using a pencil on paper. This makes the pen very suitable for taking notes, drawing and other professional uses. Turn on the pen and it can be used immediately; you don’t have to connect it with Bluetooth or an app. With its magnetic cap, it remains dustproof and waterproof, so it lasts a long time, and it also looks stylish. The pen lasts 12 hours with a full battery and is fully charged within an hour. If you forget to turn it off, then that’s no problem, it will turn off automatically after half an hour. The pen is compatible with all types of capacitive touchscreens such as phone or tablet and has 10 different colors to choose from.

6. Lenovo Active Pen 2​

The Lenovo Active Pen 2 is the improved version of the Lenovo Active Pen. Just like the Microsoft Surface, this pen has a high-pressure sensitivity, namely 4096 points, which ensures that you have a natural pen-paper experience while sketching, painting, taking notes, and so on. The pen comes with 3 replacement tips for longer use and a USB Pen holder, which you can put in your computer, so that you can always store the pen with your laptop.

There are 2 buttons on the pen. The top button allows you to configure an app to open your favorite app with a single press of that button. Unfortunately, this pen is also only available with a few devices, namely on the ThinkPad X1 Gen2, Lenovo MIIX 720, Lenovo MIIX 510, Lenovo MIIX 520, Lenovo MIIX 720, Lenovo MIIX 920.

7. Elzo Stylus 3-in-1​

If you don’t have that much money left for a stylus pen, then this Elzo Stylus pen might be a good option. You get a lot for your money with this pen. Besides the fact that the pen is very cheap, you get not 1 but 2 pens included with 4 extra replaceable disc tips and 2 extra replaceable fiber that you can easily change. The pen is made of a high-quality aluminum and thanks to the very sensitive and conductive fiber and writing tips it is very comfortable to use. The pen also works on almost all capacitive touchscreen devices.

8. Meko universal Stylus​

This pen is a good budget option. A Meko pen is not expensive and to make it even cheaper, Meko encourages you to buy more than one. The price per pen becomes a lot cheaper when you buy 2 or even 3. The pen comes with 5 interchangeable tips, which are easy to change if one accidentally breaks. The 2-in-1 disc tip is very sensitive and has no lag. This point is best used for writing, drawing, and designing. If you just want to scroll through pages or play games, it’s best to use a fiber point, which works the same as your finger, but more accurately. The pen can be used on all touchscreen devices and is available in the colors white, black, and pink gold.

9. Logitech Crayon​

The large hardware company ‘Logitech’ also sees a future in the touchscreen pens. With the Logitech Crayon, you can draw and write naturally without missing a single line or detail. The pen has a palm rejection, which allows you to place your hand directly on the screen while you design or write. By tilting the pen a bit, the pen automatically adjusts the line width, making it easy to draw thicker or thinner lines. Logitech has added a handy function to this pen, namely you can convert your written text into digital typed text. The Crayon pen also has all the functions that the Apple Pencil also has. Logitech is very focused on the students among us and therefore works with hundreds of apps for education. Unfortunately, the Crayon is only available on Apple devices as of 2018.


Finding the right pen for you can sometimes be very difficult. We have listed our favorites. There are a few subjects you should keep in mind. For example, make sure that you buy a pen that is compatible with the device you will use the pen on and do you want a capacitive or an active pen, a capacitive pen is a pen that always works without a battery, but an active pen is a pen that you need to recharge every now and then. An active pen often has more functions. The prices between the stylus pens differ a lot, so also look at how much money you have left for your stylus pen. For example, if you don’t have that much money left for a stylus pen, there are often good alternatives, but with slightly fewer functions.

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